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From Tammy:


Let's enjoy a round of "Happy Birthday" on Thursday, May 27th at 3pm in the staff lounge to celebrate our May staff birthdays!


I'm saddened to hear that Debbie Vercellone's mother passed away at home on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. Cremation is planned and a memorial gathering will take place at a later date.

Condolences may be sent to:

Chuck and Debbie Vercellone
34466 Tyler
Sterling Heights, MI 48310


Sorry I missed the All Staff Meeting today. In case you missed it, Tish Huang was recognized by the Library Board for her exemplary work. Too bad Tish wasn't there either! Congrats to Tish!

Last month, Judy Kotulis was award the 2010 Michigan Library Association Award of Merit for her work with the children of Sterling Heights. Congrats to Judy!

We must eat cake for our April birthdays! Let's eat on Wednesday, April 28th at 3pm in the staff lounge!



Let's celebrate all of the March staff birthdays on Tuesday, March 30th at 3pm in the staff lounge!


The Evanced calendar software is currently down. This means that online registrations for programs is currently not available. If someone wants to register for a program, take down the program they want to register for and their name and phone number. You can give the info to Loa or Kathryn and they'll put it in when the system comes back up. This software is located at the cooperative. They are not sure when it will be back up, but I'll send out an email when it is. Kathryn will also put a note on the webpage about it being down and for patrons to call to register.

The adult craft program for April 28th only has 15 spots total. We already have 7 taken, so please give those names to Kathryn ASAP and I'll let everyone know when that one is full.


Please take a moment on Wednesday, February 17th, to welcome Cynthia Zink to the library as a page in Circulation.  I am sure she will be a great addition to our staff.



The purpose of the library’s voluntary gift fund is to show support and friendship to coworkers by sending flowers/plants in times of serious illness, hospitalization, or in the event of death in the immediate family (parent, child, or spouse).  The gift fund is not used for retirement or farewell gifts.
The gift fund only has a balance of $30.79.  Staff interested in contributing to replenish the gift fund ($10) may do so through the end of May.  A reminder will be posted on the staff bulletin board. 
Thank you.




I would like to continue to meet every other month with the library staff to discuss policies, services, issues and concerns.  The meetings will be on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. – 9:25 a.m. in the Programming Center. All staff in the building should attend. Those not working are also welcome, but will not be compensated.

2010 Meeting Schedule


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010




Please take a moment to welcome Dawn Schultz who started on Monday, October 19th as a Page in Youth Services.  She is a great addition to our staff!

Also, if you missed the All Staff Meeting this morning, we reviewed the Circulation Policies. We also talked about changes in items: removing adult videocassettes, removing adult books on cassette, having a 7 day bestseller collection instead of the friends express collection (everything will be free now), and only allowing holds on new book shelf items, new dvd movies, and new dvd tv shows for Sterling Heights residents for the first 6 months.



Message from Brenda: As you already know, we had our baby boy on Saturday, September 5th at 12:38pm.  He weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 ˝ inches long.  His name is John Denis.  Both baby and I are doing well and Kate is very excited to be a big sister!  She just loves her baby brother, although I’m not sure she 100% understands that he’s a boy!  So far he appears to be a very good natured baby who likes to eat.  He had his first doctor visit yesterday and is already 7 pounds 14 ˝ ounces!  My labor was much easier this time around and Mike and I are both very thankful for our healthy baby boy.





A few pics from the parade! It was great!



SLC has a new policy that patrons have to get their library card at their home library. This means that anyone that lives in Sterling Heights, when their card expires, they have to come to Sterling Heights to get a Sterling Heights card. The same goes for Clinton and Macomb Township residents. They have to get a card at CMPL. These patrons then come to any shared system library, and the CMPL library card number will be put in our system. When Troy goes to their own system, this will happen with Troy cards also. So, you may start seeing CMPL cards that have been put in our system to be used for placing holds and reserving computers.

Also, if you see a alphanumeric pin on a patron's record: some libraries allow this and patron's can also change their pin on ibistro. SHL has patron's pick a four digit number. Numbers work best because the phone renewal system can only take a numeric pin.


The purpose of the library’s voluntary gift fund is to show support and friendship to coworkers by sending flowers in times of serious illness, hospitalization, or in the event of death in the immediate family (parent, child, or spouse).  The gift fund is not used for retirement or farewell gifts.

The gift fund only has a balance of $17.63.  Staff interested in contributing to replenish the gift fund ($10) may do so through the end of May.  A reminder will be posted on the staff bulletin board. 





Notes from the All Staff Meeting on Tuesday:
Regarding the building alarm: Please make sure that when you come into the building in the mornings that you check the security. If you have to disarm it, make sure the door is closed, put in the code, and touch the on/off button. Thanks for your help!

Regarding the listing of programs on the library's website: Front Page is the software used for the website. It adjusts to the screen that the patron is using. That means that it can look different (not line up correctly) based on the browser used, the version of the browser, the font size of the pc, the screen resolution of the pc, etc. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this software for now. Kathryn or I will talk to the coop about possible future upgrades to see if this can be resolved.

Alice Cook was presented with an Employee Recognition Certificate and clock/pen holder by Don Schinzing, Chair of the Library Board. Alice's excellent customer service, team player attitude, and ability to solve problems earned her this recognition from the board. Congratulations Alice!



I would like to continue to meet every other month with the library staff to discuss policies, services, issues and concerns. The meeting will be on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. in the Programming Center. All staff in the building should attend. Those not working are also welcome, but will not be compensated.

2009 Schedule:
Tuesday, February 24
Monday, April 27
Thursday, June 25
Tuesday, August 25
Monday, October 26
Thursday, December 17



The City of Sterling Heights has a inclement weather employee hotline. The number is 586-446-2499, and you can call to find out if the library is closed. Those of you that live in Sterling Heights can also check SHTV.



If you were not able to attend today's staff meeting, here are the highlights:

The Children's Art Garden is underway. The cement is being poured and then they will stamp the design today. The Friends also added $1000 to fund more videogames and $1000 to fund more dvd tv shows. The new information desk, also paid for by the friends, was installed a few weeks ago.

The study rooms will be available starting September 2nd. The initial policy indicates first come, first served use of the rooms and that they will be locked at all times. I will ask the friends for new furniture for the rooms next year.

Capital Budget requests for this year: new switches were installed (still has not fixed WF going up and down), the expansion of friends bookstore and the cafe area will hopefully begin in January 09, and I have to work with Jan on getting RFP for the ceiling mounted projector and new screen for the programming center.

I have to attend a budget meeting tomorrow about the 09/10 budget year.

The cooperative may be purchasing RFID for all SLC libraries. This would mean that we would no longer use due date cards, but switch to receipt printers. We would also need a new self-check, which I would request from the capital budget for next year.

Regarding the Museum Adventure Pass program: staff need to wait until 10am to check out passes. Patrons need to have to opportunity to check out the passes at 9:30am when they are put out.

I have been working with tech services and circulation on process reviews to improve efficiency and streamline processes. Tech services will start stamping date of receipt on title page, nothing on the verso, will process items by date, and is now using new dvd and cd cases that will work with a new RFID self-check. The new cases also don't require extra pieces to be stored by the circulation staff. Circulation is trying to organize differently, staff working in different areas, etc. I will meet with YS and AS staffs on September 9th and 10th in the morning to address areas that came up in the other meetings.

A new delivery service will start on October 1st. There will be no wrapping of materials. We will go back to the old way of handling materials - single slip, one rubberband.

Gloria and Sue are retiring on December 31st. Gloria's dinner will be on January 9th.

Kathryn's baby shower will be on September 8th at 8:45am in the staff lounge.

Judy thanked everyone for their help with the Summer Reading Program.

Ask Debbie (or Joe) about the Upton House.

Tracy indicated that the Star Wars program went really well and that they've already scheduled one for next year in June! She thanked everyone for their help!

I just want you all to know that you do a great job, and I really appreciate how good you make me look! The library has a great reputation because of the great staff! Have a great day!



In case you were not able to attend the staff meeting this morning, here's a recap:
The study rooms are going up really fast. YEAH! That was something that you had indicated last year at the first staff meeting that patrons had been asking for. I'm so happy that we're finally getting them. Initially we'll have a policy that the rooms are on a first come, first serve basis. The less staff involvement the better. However, we'll see how it goes and we can always revise!

We received a donation from the Sterling Heights Lions Club yesterday. We will purchase $250 in adult large print books and $250 in children's large print books.

Sterlingfest volunteer sheets are on my door. There is flex time for FT staff if you can arrange this with your supervisor. Sterlingfest is Thursday, July 31 - Saturday, August 2nd. All proceeds from the sale of water and ice pops go to the Friends, who in turn donate to the library. Your assistance is appreciated!

Judi and I met with a concrete contractor today. The children's garden is still in the works. I will be asking the Friends to donate the initial expense of the concrete, and then we will have $50 fundraisers to create children's art for the garden. The idea is to have a rotating children's art garden. The next Friends board meeting is July 14th!

I am requesting that the library close 2 more Sundays in May. The Library Board will need to approve these.

The new information desk has been ordered and is being built. A new brochure display for the lobby and 3 more bins for cds have also been ordered.

There has been some misinformation floating around regarding circulation staffing. When the one full time clerk position was eliminated, we did get 37.5 hours of PT clerk hours per week and we also have 8 more page hours per week. So, the circulation department actually has more staff hours than we used to. Circulation has been backed up due to the long time vacancies, increased size of deliveries, staff illnesses, vacations, etc. Gloria now has a full staff, but it will take some time to train everyone. The newest addition is Theresa Mazzola, our new circulation page. Please make her feel welcome! A big thank you to all of the library staff that have been helping out circulation. Circulation is very important to the success of the library. We all need to pitch in whenever possible to get materials on the shelves and into the hands of our patrons.

Regarding the budget, we are set to begin the 2009 budget year on July 1st. No cuts are being made from this budget, and no one will lose their job. We have 3 capital budget projects that were approved that will be implemented this year: new networking switches (to hopefully eliminate our workflows sessions from going up and down), an expansion of the Friends bookstore, and a new ceiling mounted projector and bigger screen for the programming center.  The city manager has received many ideas to either enhance revenues or cut costs throughout the city. After city council approves any changes, then I will be made aware of the cuts that I will need to make from the library budget for next year (July 2009 - June 2010). Staffing is 80% of the budget, so I will have to seriously look at this budget reality whenever an opening comes up. However, I will do my best to minimize staffing freezes.  The initial idea I have is to eliminate all sunday hours. This would save a good bit of money, but it would be a cut in services that may be hard to sell. Again, I don't know how much I will have to cut for FY09-10, and if you have any ideas, please let me know.

This is the best library, and we have the best staff! Keep up the great work!


WOW! We've been really busy here the last few weeks! Thanks for all of your hard work!

We've also been having some fun! Thanks to everyone that volunteered to participate in the Memorial Day parade. We were a big hit with our Sterling Heights Public Library Bookcart Brigade! Here are a few pictures!




In case you missed the all staff meeting today, here's a recap:

The new information desk has been ordered. It should take about 8 weeks to arrive. We will also be getting 4 new cd bins to be added to the existing cd shelving and a new pamphlet and newspaper display for the lobby.

There is a new "books and authors" database that we have a trial for - I gave access information to the department heads.

The schedules for FT staff that work on Saturdays will change beginning on May 31, 2008. When a Saturday is worked, the following Friday will be the day off. We will meet in November or December to determine how it is working.

Mary Lou's job has not been posted yet. I am hopeful that it will be. Mary Lou's party is on May 16th. Please give Sue your money by April 30th. There will be a cake reception that morning also!

Sue thanked everyone that has contributed to the gift fund!

Jan Kuklock is recovering at home from knee surgery. Flowers will be sent. She should be back in 2 months.

Judy Kotulis announced that they had a very successful DDR and Rock Band program on Saturday.

FT staff please make sure to sign up for the mandatory meeting with the City manager in May regarding the budget. PT staff are also welcome to attend. Please let your supervisor know.

Mary Lou demonstrated how to use the Overdrive Downloadable Audio/Video module. For ease of use, patrons should click on the link on the home page and follow the "First Time User" instructions. Directions will be made available for service desks to hand out to patrons.

Have a great week!



In case you were not able to attend the staff meeting yesterday, here's a recap:

Budget - The Library was asked to cut $25,000 from its budget. I presented an option to cut 1 FT Clerk at Circulation and use PT hours instead. Other line items remained steady or had slight increases.

Hold Shelf - The hold pickup area shelves have been set up. We're not sure when we are going to start using them since Circulation is short staffed right now, but we should be ready sometime next month.

Timesheets - I attended a meeting yesterday with HR, Payroll, and the union regarding having short paychecks and big paychecks or marking on your sheets when you worked so you won't have an odd paycheck. We will be meeting again next week to go over the options that we have.

I showed a short clip about making customers have a good experience. You can view it at www.stservicemovie.com.

Don Schinzing presented Joe Vitale with a Certificate of Excellence and a Clock/Pen Holder from the Board for his outstanding work at the Sterling Heights Public Library. An excerpt:  "Joe is a very positive person with a great customer service attitude. Being behind the scenes most of the time may not get him many pats on the back, but we feel his efforts on behalf of the library should be recognized....Thanks Joe for being such a great employee!"  Congratulate Joe on a job well done!

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I'll be healthy next week!



WOW! Judy and the Youth Services crew have been very busy in their area moving things around. The mysteries are now integrated with the fiction, the careers are at the beginning of the non-fiction, the ESL and International Language collections now have a full wall to use, and the Caldecott and Newberry award winning books are now at the beginning of the Reference section. Thanks for all of their hard work! I did offer my help, but they didn't want me! They also weeded a lot from the Reference section and are moving some of it to the circulating collection so Technical Services is busy with that new project!

Patrons are now able to place requests on MeLCat. MeLCat requests will begin coming to our library on Monday, January 28th. Mike Elgert is taking on this service and Gloria Pierce is the backup. We will make changes if necessary as the service grows. I'm very excited about it!



In case you were not able to attend the All Staff Meeting on Tuesday, here's a recap:

Please, do not blind transfer any calls. When you transfer a call, wait until someone answers the other line, indicate that you are transferring a call, and then transfer the call. We want to make sure that phone calls are not being dropped.

The library was closed on Sunday due to the weather. Only FT staff will be paid for this day.

The Payroll department has expressed concern about how we handle Saturdays that fall on another pay period for FT staff. Currently, some staff list their time on the day they worked and some use comments to put their time on the following paycheck (the decision to allow this was approved in 1998). This is confusing for Payroll and I am concerned that we are not recording our time on the days that are actually worked. So, Payroll suggested that when someone is scheduled on a Saturday that they take the following Friday off (or any other day during the same week) to keep hours within the same week. The issue is that the payweek is Saturday - Friday and how we handle it now is not consistent and is different than any other department in the city. If you have other suggestions on how to handle this please let me know. We need to resolve this by June when new schedules are selected.

You may have seen that the Information Desk is now moved to where the front pcs were. The Friends are paying for a new information desk, but we're only doing this once, so when staff is working at the desk, please jot down ideas about what features we need for the new desk (size, shape, height, etc) to make it the most user and staff friendly. We will angle the front av shelves to match the angle of the front door when Facilities is available (mid-January I think). We will wait a little bit to put the hold books out for self-service holds. Circ is currently practicing printing the hold slips (which will be needed for self-service holds).

We watched the FISH philosophy dvd. The key points to a successful customer oriented, fun place to work are: Play (enjoy yourself at work, make it fun), Make Their Day (let our customers experience at the library be an enjoyable one, see them leave smiling), Be There (focus on the customer and what they are asking, don't get distracted, don't ignore anyone) , and Choose Your Attitude (it is your choice what attitude you come to work with - choose a positive and fun one (it makes the day go faster too!). I have the dvd in my office if you want to watch it! Please send me any suggestions you have about how we can Play at work and Make our Customers Day.

Keep up the good work! Have a great holiday and I'll see you next year!


I'm sure you've noticed that we're moving things again! The desks for the pcs in the adult/teen area are now all in a row. Cathy and Joe are now working on hooking the pcs back up so they will be available for customer use once again. YEAH!

The next step will be to move the current info desk to the area where the 6 pcs used to be. We will be trying out the space with the old desk so we can design a new desk that will be functional for both customers and staff.

After that, we will be moving the dvd/vhs shelves to be angled with the front door. This will give the entrance a cleaner look and hopefully make our collections more inviting to customers.

That's it for today! Have a great day!



In case you missed the staff meeting yesterday, here's a recap:

Dates to remember: October 31st is the October Birthday Cake, 3pm in the staff lounge; December 18th – Library Christmas Luncheon (Library Programming Center); December 19th – Library Leftovers (Library Programming Center); December 20th – City Christmas Luncheon (Sterling Inn)

 The Macy's Museum Adventure Pass program starts Thursday, October 25th! This program provides free admission to various museums in the metro Detroit area. You have to have a library card to check them out. This program will last for 1 year.

MeLCat is supposed to start by the end of October. Our patron data has been loaded. No word on the items and when we will actually start.

Facilities is working on installing a new circuit so we can move the PCs in the front next to the PCs by the Teen area. Once this is done, then we can move the Info Desk and the Holds.

We are going to take down the No Cell Phones signs and instead encourage people to use the Lobby as our "Cell Phone Zone". Each area will be given business size cards to give to patrons that are talking loudly on cell phones. No confrontation is needed, just hand them the card. It asks them to be courteous, use the lobby, etc. We'll see how it goes!

I have put in my Friends requests for 2008. It includes purchasing a new Info Desk, a starting videogame collection, and support of programs and collections.

I am working on the Capital Budget requests for next year. These include a projector to be mounted on the ceiling in the meeting room, new magazine shelving, construction of walls for the friends bookstore/café, new switches, and RFID.

For the next meeting, I'd like to have a mini customer service workshop.


YEAH! All of the initial moving is done! The International Language and ESL Collections are now upstairs. The Classics and Cliff Notes are also now upstairs. All of the magazines and newspapers are now downstairs. Thanks again to everyone that helped with the move! I am so thrilled that we finished it in 4 weeks!

I'm working on getting the pcs in the front of the library moved to line up with the pcs by the Teen area. I am waiting for Facilities to see what is possible.

The DVD TV shows are now available for checkout! I hope the patrons enjoy them!

The video game survey results are in and the Nintendo Wii won!

Would you be interested in having home video game console software as part of our collection?YES - 273 NO – 9

Format preferred be added to our collection:

Microsoft Xbox 360 - 34

Nintendo Gamecube - 16

Nintendo Wii - 123

Sony Playstation 3 – 63

Chose more than 1 format – 36 (did not include in survey format counts above)

Chose Nintendo DS - 1

Now I will see if this is something that the Friends would support. Have a great week!



YEAH! The Reference Collection is now finished! We're ready to move the International Language and ESL Collections upstairs, but we want to move the shelves first so that the new sitting area will be symmetrical. I'm hoping to get the stack mover on Monday to move the empty shelves, and then we can start that collection on Tuesday. I'll put the new sign up sheet downstairs for next week to volunteer to move the ILC/ESL and then move the back issues of the magazines downstairs.


WOW! The shuffle is continuing and the biographies were finished in one day! Now the reference collection is being moved (those are pretty heavy books)! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!



Hi All!
I just posted the sign up sheet for volunteers to move books next week. I think all of the Non-Fiction is now moved to the one side! YEAH! Biographies are next (and hopefully not as heavy)!

Thanks to all the volunteers. You are such a great staff!


In case you were not at the All Staff Meeting yesterday morning, we reviewed the "NO List" and what we were able to do so far.

We also talked about moving our collections around to better use the space we have. If you'd like a copy of the layout, please let me know (or your supervisor). Highlights  include 2 new study rooms upstairs, keeping all of the non-fiction together, moving the biographies by the non-fiction, and creating a fireplace and comfortable seating area by the reference area. We'll be moving the International Language and ESL items upstairs by the fireplace/comfortable seating, and moving the back issue magazines and newspapers downstairs.

I will be asking the Friends to purchase a new information desk for the first floor that would be where the 6 pcs are when you come in. I'd like to have the holds put out on the floor where the information desk is now so that patrons can get them for themselves, and I'd like to have all of the AV (from YS and AS) together. I'm hoping to get new magazine shelving that will hold all of the current and back issues together so that we would have more room for AV.

This is all a work in progress. I'm really excited about it and I hope you are too! If you have concerns or ideas please let me know! :-)



You may have seen me wandering around the library the last few days and wondering what I was up to. Well, I've been here for a little over a month now, and I'd like to make some changes. Nothing drastic, but I think change is good!

Some of the ideas I presented to the Supervisors are to have a central information desk, move the holds out into the public area, get some new displays for materials, and to move some collections around. I would love your input! I'm also meeting with the City Manager on Friday to discuss updating the library's strategic plan.

I've been getting some feedback with regard to the "Having to say no" list. Anything else that you have to add to the list, please let me or your supervisor know. I would like to discuss the "no" items next week with the supervisors.




Hi Everybody!

In case you weren't able to attend the All Staff Meeting this morning, here's a recap:

I shared a nice compliment that we received from a visitor from the Washington DC area "Visiting family for a few weeks. This is a marvelous library - very kid-friendly, and such a good selection for all ages. I live outside Washington DC, and this is far better than anything we have in Northern Virginia. You deserve a large compliment!"

The Friends are selling water during Sterlingfest this year. If you would like to volunteer, the sign up sheet is on my door. Shifts are for 2 hours and are from 10am-8pm each day.

Forms for incidents that happen at the library are available at all service desks. If something happens, please complete the form as much as possible, including name, address, description of incident. If a patron reports a lost child, please call the police right away.

I went to the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington DC over the past few days. I was able to get some books and av items from various vendors. They are on the table in my office if you want to take them to read, and some may be able to be added to the collection. It was a great experience! (I actually had dinner 2 tables away from Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell one night.) I was able to get a lot of ideas for making our library even better. Technology is my favorite thing! I saw demonstrations of sorting systems, self check machines, and updated circulation software. I also went to workshops on Fundraising, Top 10 Technology uses for PR, a PLA session called "Libraries Prosper with Passion, Purpose and Persuasion", and one on recreating your library from top to bottom.

It is time for the library to do a strategic plan for the next 3 years. So, I will be asking for staff input, patron feedback, etc. through surveys and focus groups. More info to come!

I did give everyone some homework, and that includes those that were not at the meeting. Over the next few weeks, if you could write down and either send me a note or email me times when you have to say "no" to a patron regarding a service, a policy, or a collection. You can also give these to your supervisor. I'd like to find out if we can turn those "no" answers into "yes". We will not always be able to say yes, and there are good reasons for saying no sometimes. However, if there is something we can change to make our patrons happy and provide a pleasant interaction for the staff, then let's do it! Thanks for your help!

The supervisors then gave department updates. Mary Lou mentioned sending her info for the Intranet and that the fall newsletter deadline is July 10th. Alice mentioned the Adult and Teen summer reading programs have begun. She also added that her staff is looking at the possibility of purchasing DVDs of TV shows. Cathy mentioned the new labeling of materials that her staff is doing which will include the author's full last name. Gloria mentioned the new bags she received for summer reading, and a big thanks to those that have been helping out in Circulation. Judy mentioned the BIG numbers of kids that are registered for the summer reading program. I just wanted to say thanks again for making me feel so welcome here! A big thumbs up to everyone that keeps this library running so well! You can't have a great library without great people!



New Procedure for Internet Access: I would like all patron interactions to be of a positive nature for you and the patrons and I'm hoping that this change will provide that benefit. If a patron comes to the desk to use a public Internet pc, ask them if they have a library card. If they do not, ask them if they would like one. If they do not want to get one, then log them on to a pc. If a patron is blocked from using a public Internet pc because of fines/fees on their library card, look up the information for them and inform them of why they are being blocked. Inform them that they can take care of any fines/fees at the circulation desk, but that you can log them in for Internet access.

New All Staff Meetings: I will be starting All Staff Meetings every other month. The Librarian meetings will no longer be held. The first one will be on Thursday, June 28th from 8:35am-9:15am in the Programming Center. Staff that are scheduled to work during that time should attend. Here are the dates of the next few meetings: Tuesday, August 28th, Monday, October 22nd, and Thursday, December 20th.



Information regarding the PC reservation system:

We no longer hand out "guest cards" to patrons when they don't have their own card for computer use. When the librarian determines that a guest card is needed, they will sign the patron on the computer themselves, rather than giving out the card. In the past we experienced loss and abuse with these cards. Please let patrons know that they should see a librarian when needing to use a computer and refrain from using the phrase "guest card or courtesy card".





Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for the great welcome on Monday morning! Ed's raspberry lasagna was excellent! I've been busy unpacking, filling out forms, learning new procedures, and trying to meet everyone on the staff. If I haven't met you yet, or even if I have, feel free to stop by my office and introduce yourself/say hi!

I'm really looking forward to working with all of you. The Sterling Heights Public Library has a great reputation for its courteous and helpful staff. I hope that this continues. I want the Sterling Heights Public Library to be the best library that it can be, and I'll be looking for your input on how to make it even better!

Just a note: I'd like to create an all-staff email list. If you would like to be included, please send me your email address (my email is turgeont@libcoop.net). It can be a "libcoop" one or another email address that you use. If you don't have a "libcoop" email account and want one, contact Mary Lou Metzger to get the form.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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