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Frequently Asked Questions


What hours are you open?

We are open 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday - Thursday, 1-5 p.m. Friday, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday.

Do you have copy machines?

There are two black and white copiers and one color copier available for public use. One of the black and white copy machines is on the 2nd floor. Black and white copies are 10¢ and color copies are $1. Users must purchase a $1 copy card (includes $0.50 credit) to print from the pc’s to the copiers. If users are just making photocopies they do not need to purchase a card.

Do you have a coffee shop?

Coffee and pop machines are available on the first floor, and all beverages must be covered. Profits benefit the Friends of the Library. No food is allowed in public areas.

Who is the mayor of Sterling Heights?

Richard Notte is the mayor of Sterling Heights. Information on other city officials can be found on the city’s website,

Do you have homebound services?

Yes, delivery is available Wednesday mornings to Sterling Heights residents only. Contact Jason Groth at 586-446-2653 or 586-446-2642 for more information.

Do you have a pen, pencil, paper, highlighter, ruler, note cards, paper clips, calculator, pencil sharpener, etc.?

The Friends have school supply bags available for purchase at the Circulation desk for $3. Staplers and pencil sharpeners are available to use in the library. Flash drives are available for $9 at the Circulation desk.

Do you have the City Council meetings back up information?

Yes, we have one copy at the Adult Services reference desk and keep it for 2 weeks or until the next packet comes. The information is also available on the city’s website,

Who are my representative and senator for Sterling Heights?

That information is located in the ready reference drawers, at the second floor reference desk, under the heading of government as well as in Youth Services. This information may also be found on the city’s website under “Government”.

Do you have a genealogy room?

We have general material on conducting and organizing a genealogy search. However, the Mount Clemens Library is the best place to start locally for in-depth genealogy research.

Where is the court?

It is the next building, south of the library with the flagpole in front.

Where do I pay a ticket?

You pay tickets at the court. The court is out the door and to the right. It is the next building, south of the library with the flagpole in the front.

Where are city offices and the police department?

City offices and the police department are down the walk to the left as you leave the library. The police department is the first entryway and city hall is the next building.

Do you sell city maps?

No. City maps are sold at the city clerk's office in city hall. They are $4.70 each. City Hall office hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Where are the restrooms; drinking fountains?

There are restrooms and drinking fountains in the lobby. Additional restrooms and drinking fountains are located near the Friends Book Store, on the second floor, and in Youth Services.

Where are the elevators and stairs?

The main elevator is on the north side of the library, in a straight line across from the Circulation desk. One stairway is to the right of the lobby and one is on the north end of the library. There is also an elevator next to the Circulation desk.

Do you have a public phone?

There are no public phones on the city’s property.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Yes, but please use courtesy. Take lengthy conversations to the lobby, set your phone to vibrate, use a quiet tone of voice, and remember that your conversation can be overheard.

Do you have a quiet study area?

No, but we have private study rooms available on the second floor on a first come first served basis.

Do you have a CD listening area?


Do you have a fax machine?

Yes. Cost for domestic is $1.75 first page, and $1.00 each additional. International is $3.95 first page, and $3.45 each additional. A debit or credit card is required.

Do you have a typewriter?

No, please see the librarian for a list of libraries that have public typewriters.

Do you have vending machines?

We do not have food vending machines, but we have a coffee and a pop/juice/water machine.

What libraries are on MiLibraryCard?

There are more than 70 libraries participating in MILibraryCard. A complete list can be found at Cardholders should have the MILibraryCard sticker applied at their "home" library.

What is the Friends?

The Friends of the Library, organized in 1976, is a volunteer non-profit group dedicated to enhancing and improving library service for our community.

Where is the used book sale?

The Friends Bookstore, Used, but Sterling, is on the north side of the library near the stairs. Unless otherwise posted, hours are 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 1-4 p.m. Friday, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.

We would like to donate money to the library. How do we go about gifting the library?

Donations are accepted in a number of ways. Please see the Memorial Gift form available online HERE or at all service desks. You can also contact Library Administration at (586) 446-2640 for further information.

Do you sell your books or order them for patrons?

The library weeds materials after they have been heavily used or outdated. On occasion we offer them to the Friends for resale. We do not order books for personal purchase. Online sellers and local bookstores will assist you with that request.

How do I find out about events and services throughout the year?

The city magazine, library cable channel 18 (WOW) or 12 (Comcast), fliers, our website, program calendars in Youth Services, and handouts available at service desks.

Can we advertise or put materials in the library?

The library has a bulletin board and display rack for posting announcements and community events. Only items of General interest are accepted. Cultural and educational events have precedence. Signs which may not be posted include political or commercial notices, garage or other sale signs, services such as baby sitting for which fees are charged, signs soliciting donations or fund-raisers, job announcements, signs advocating an affirmative or negative position or vote, or signs larger than 8 ½” x 11”.

Persons wanting a sign posted should bring it to the administrative office and leave it for the library staff to post. All signs should be dated. The library reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove announcements, posters, displays, or exhibits which, in its judgment, do not meet the above criteria. The library reserves the right to establish reasonable time limits of no more than two weeks for any announcement, poster, displays, or exhibit.

My child would like to volunteer for service. Is it possible?

Click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” under “Hot Links of the Month” on the city’s website to volunteer. The city will forward the information to us if the volunteer notes they would like to volunteer at the library. We will keep their information on file for upcoming projects or events where assistance is needed.

Do you need to register for the library’s programs?

Most of our programs are designed for a drop-in attendance. Occasionally, pre-registration is required and can be done in person, by phone, or online. An online registration form and calendar of events is available on the library’s website. Please see the latest city magazine for complete information.

Do you have a P.A. system?

Yes. Our P.A. system is used to announce closings, weather alerts, and special programs. In case of an emergency, the Librarian in charge will authorize use of the P.A. system to “page” a user.

Can I book your programming center or conference room?

Nonprofit organizations may use the programming center and conference room. Please ask to see the library’s policy on approved uses or refer resident to the Management Assistant, Loa Stanislawski.

Does the library accept donations of materials?

Yes, please ask to see a copy of the library Donation Guidelines to see what materials the library accepts.

Can I get a receipt for my donation to the library?

The library does not place a monetary value on donations. A receipt for the number of items donated is available at the Circulation desk or in the Friends Bookstore.

Does the library offer tours for groups or classes?

School or ESL tours are not offered.

Is there phone reference service on Saturday or Sunday?

Phone reference is available on Saturday. The library is closed on Sunday.

Do you proctor exams?

No. The Adult Services reference desk has a list of local libraries that do provide this service – free of charge.

Check In and Check Out Information

Does the library have a self check-out computer?


I’m going on vacation and don’t want to lose my place on the hold list. What can I do?

Patrons can suspend their holds or have a librarian do it for them.

How long do books check out?

Most materials check out for 3 weeks, except Audio Visual materials, which are a 2 week loan. Bestsellers check out for 7 days and Book Club Kits check out for 42 days.

Any charge to check out videos or DVDs?


Can I check out a reference book?

In some cases you may be allowed to check out a reference book overnight. Please check with a librarian. A deposit will be required.

Can magazines be checked out?

Yes, magazines go out for 3 weeks, except for the current issue which does not circulate.


How are residents notified if they have overdues?

Residents are notified by e-mail or phone. Residents with e-mail addresses in their library account are also notified before items are due.

Can I place a hold from home?

Yes. Instructions are available at all service desks.

How long do I have to pick up materials?

Seven days.

How can I find out what I have on hold?

You can check your patron record. You will need your "PIN". Please see a staff member at the Circulation desk. You must show a valid I.D.

Can I get a book if it is not on the computer?

Yes, we can usually interloan from any library in Michigan.

Where are books held?

Books are normally held on the self-serve hold shelves.

How do I get a library card?

You need to fill out an application and show your driver's license with current address. Residents of Sterling Heights are eligible for library cards.

Can my children get library cards?

Yes. In order to receive a card, minors under the age of 18 must be present and have a parent or legal guardian with them who will fill out an application and show a driver’s license.

How much is a replacement library card?


I forgot my card; can I still check out books?

You can check out three items, three times a year with proper identification.

Are there any limits on the number of items you can check out?

There is a limit of 10 for DVDs and music CDs.

Where can I use my card?

You can use your card at any library in Macomb County. You may also use your card at the Harper Woods and Troy libraries. If you have a Michicard sticker on the back of your card, you can use your card for print materials at any Michicard library in Michigan.

How and where can we return materials?

Our outside dropbox is open 24 hours a day. You may also return materials to our curbside drop box Monday – Saturday, at the desk, and in the lobby when we are open. All our materials may be returned to other public libraries in Macomb County, plus Troy Public Library and Harper Woods, and we accept most materials from other public libraries in Macomb County, Troy, and Harper Woods.

Can I renew my materials?

Yes, there are a number of ways to do this. You can use our automated phone renewal system (586-203-8725) if you have your PIN number. You can renew in person at the Circulation desk, or you can call the library Monday – Saturday. You can also renew online at Sterling Heights materials can be renewed twice and only if no one has the items on hold.

How much are fines and where can I pay them?

Fines are 25¢ per day per item up to a maximum of $5 for paperbacks and $15.00 for hardcover books and audiovisuals. Fines can be paid at the Circulation desk, by mail or at any other library in the Suburban Library Cooperative. We accept cash, check or credit (Discover, MC, and Visa).

Do we have a grace period for fines?


I'm going on vacation and would like my books checked out for a longer period.

The library does provide up to six weeks for extended loans. Please see the Circulation desk for assistance.


Do you have movies or feature films?

We have nonfiction or educational videos and DVDs, a selection of award-winning and popular feature films on DVD, and a selection of award-winning television shows on DVD.

Do you have books on CD?

Yes. Collections are located on the first floor, both in Adult Services and Youth Services.

Do you have downloadable materials?

Yes, we are a member of the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services Overdrive service which includes downloadable e-books and audiobooks. We also provide e-books (not downloadable) through eBooks on Ebscohost (for which the account must be created in the library).

Do you have out-of-state newspapers?

Yes, we have New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post Sunday editions. Our magazines and newspapers are listed in the Sterling Heights Public Library’s Periodical Directory located at the reference and information desks.

Do you have census films?

We have census film for Macomb County 1820 – 1930. Census pages can also be viewed and searched using Ancestry Library Edition, an online database, and Heritage Quest, an online database that can also be used from home.

Do you carry tax forms?

Yes, basic forms are available from mid January to mid April. The library also has reproducible forms. We can get specialized forms, both MI, out of state, and U.S. from the Internet using a link on our website,

Do you have college financial aid forms (FAFSA)?

No. They can be downloaded and printed from

Can newspapers be checked out?


Where are the adult new books/bestsellers?

New books/bestsellers are on the 1st floor close to the front door.

Do you have ValueLine?

Yes, it is located at the reference desk on the second floor.

Do you have a Bresser’s?

The library has Bressers for Macomb County.

Is Christian fiction in a separate area?

No, only mystery, western, and science fiction genres are in separate collections. These classifications also apply to large print. In Youth Services, genres are identified by special label stickers for fantasy, mystery, science fiction, horror, adventure, classics, and more.

Are there circulating puppets or toys in your library?

We have educational puzzles, toys, and puppets, but they are for library in-house use only.

Where can I locate the Newbery and Caldecott winners?

The Youth Services area has the complete set of award winning titles available for in-house use. We also have additional copies for circulation in their appropriate call number areas.

Computer and Internet Use

Do you have Internet?

We have 48 computers that can be used to access the Internet and 5 dedicated to the online catalog. All of the computers are filtered, except the 11 unfiltered computers in Adult Services facing the reference desk. There is a $4 fee for using them if you do not have your library card and pin number. We have 10 laptops that patrons 18 and older can check out for use in the building by showing ID and signing an agreement. There is a 10¢ a page charge to print a black and white copy and $1 for a color printout. Print cards must be purchased for $1.00. Patrons must use their library card plus pin number to sign in to a computer.

Is there a time limit on the computers?

There is a maximum of four hours of use per day on the computers in the Youth Services area with one hour sessions on all but one station and no limit on the other computers in the library. The express station has 15 minute sessions.

Do you have any children’s game computers?

Yes, there are 3 game computers in Youth Services.

Can you "download" from your computers?

Yes, users may download to flash/jump drives. Users can purchase flash drives for $9 at the Circulation desk.

Do you offer free Internet access from home?


Can I plug in my laptop?

Yes. There are study tables and power outlets available on the first and second floors. Wireless access is also available.

Do you offer Internet demonstrations?

Yes, a schedule is in the Sterling Heights city magazine, at service desks and on the website, There is no hands-on training available.

Do you have any computer software to check out?


What is your homepage address?

Do you have computers with word processing or resume makers?

Yes, all computers, except catalog-only computers, have Microsoft Office applications. We do not have resume-specific software. Patrons can use Resume Wizard in Word or download templates from Office online. Learning Express (an online database) also has resume software that can be accessed on library computers using the icon.

Can I access my e-mail from the library?

Yes, e-mail is available from both the filtered and unfiltered computers with the exception of the online catalog computers.

Can I use “chat” or Messenger on the Internet computers?